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Here we go! February 26, 2010

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I’m not a writer but I like to write.  I’m not a philosopher but I think, I like to think.  I’m  not a chef but I like to cook.  I also like to eat well.

I have been thinking about start this blog for some time now.  I have been needing a vent for my thoughts since I stopped working full-time in July 2004… that’s nearly 5 years ago!!!

How time flew….. where did it go?

Since then I  was 3 times pregnant, gave birth to 3 beautiful girls, got to the wrong side of 35….but am still on the right side (or shall we say better side?) of 40! 

That was a short paragraph to summarise 5 years, wasn’t it!  But my my my if I know where the hours went….  I must have spent half of them  on my breast-feeding chair or at the changer…. or so it feels.  Another good chunk must be called “entertaining 1/2/3  baby/babies/toddler/toddlers”  in my thanks-God-very-sunny living room.  The rest was taken up by trying to catch up on sleeping and getting together the meals for my growing family.

Many things happened in the world around me and in general.  Around me…my younger sister got married and moved to live close by.  One of my brothers got married and moved to Germany.  My other brother fulfilled his dream and now lives half the world away… in Australia. (His dream was Down Under not to put all this distance between us… at least this is what he claims!  It is also thanks to him that I got the hang of how this blog works and to make it look a little like I wanted it.  Thanks G!)  Because you see, I live on a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean, south of Italy, north of Tunisia, called Malta…. About life here, another time.

Ah yes…. I had started to write about world events… (since I had my first child this happens to me constantly…. starting too many things at the same time, starting talking about a topic and drifting away…) well in reality my world is my family, the one I’m building with my man and the one I was born into.  My in-laws figure too, in many ways, mostly for meals or parties… but about this some other time.

In general, I did try to keep up with current affairs, local mostly but also some foreign through my flipping the Time (I love the sound the pages turning of this mag make…and expeically their quarterly Style supplement) and newspapers, mostly online.  But I’m never fully up to date with news in general.  Somehow, 24 hours are never enough and then when a little from the day there is left I prefer reading what other moms have been up to.

Now I join the evergrowing community of blogging mums. I hope for many things… that it will be worth my while, that I will find the time to actually keep it going, that some will read it, that maybe a few will like it, that I don’t get comments that hurt…  One thing for sure it will be. That is, a dairy for myself, a way for me to drift a little away from it all to hopefully get a view of things from a different perspective and the energy to carry on.



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