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Life with TP, TC and TS February 26, 2010

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Finally I managed….

I needed a name for my blog and I have it now.

It will be My Life with The Princess, The Cherub and The Star.

I know, I know…. not catchy, too long, no…em…, doesn’t sound etc, etc.  But for now this shall be it.

My man and I had been married a bit over one year when The Princess was born.  She is a lovely, gentle, blonde four-and-a half-year old.  For now she resembles me in nothing except for  being female.  We’ll see later on if maybe she has inherited some of my genes.  She is very special to me.  She made me a mother and is My Princess.

The Cherub is my second born.  I don’t know if we can really say that characters are opposite but TC is the exact opposite of her elder sister. She is 3 years old.  I think all the artists who painted cherubs must have imagined them like mine.  She is also very special.  She was in a hurry to be born.  She actually gave me no trouble to be born….she was just born….and gave my man and me …..literally the surprise of our life.  Yes, unplanned, she was born at home.  One day I’ll write down the details of that fateful night.  Just one thing here, that night proved to me that with my man, we can do anything.  All was well thanks to his presence of mind and his calm disposition even in such a unique circumstance.

Then equally unplanned, I’m pregnant again and this time everyone was hoping for a boy.  Actually, everyone tried to find all the signs in me that this time it was a boy.  My face, my tummy, my bum, etc, etc. Even perfect strangers stopped me in the street to tell me this.  because this time, I didn’t ask to know the sex of the baby.  The other two times I had asked but this time, I said, “let’s see how it is not to know”.  My man and I had the names ready…and anyway we were way too busy withe the other two to bother too much as long as the pregnancy was proceeding fine.

And, yes we then gave birth to another girl.  Actually of course, I gave birth but I like to include the man being he is the most supportive man one could hope for both during the pregnancy and the birth. I couldn’t believe my ears.  I asked the midwife to check well and to count her fingers and toes (don’t know why I asked her that since it has nothing to do with the sex of the baby, but I know I did).   The Star is just that to us all.  She is the centre of attention.  Her sisters think they can play with her like they do with their baby dolls and she lets them… for a while …  because she is also showing signs of being very headstrong.  She has a  very ready smile and is just like a star.  Any her favourite song is Twinkle, Twinkle Litte Star.  She is just over a year old.

ps on re-reading the above, it does sound a bit like bragging but I have a lot to be thankful for.  And I am thankful.  At least I try to be most of the time…



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