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I’ve been robbed! March 2, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in Uncategorized.

Today someone broke into my car to take my handbag that was ‘hidden’ under TC’s jacket.  First he/she/they tried to prise the lock open but didn’t manage.  Then they broke the quarter window.  This is the first time something of mine was taken away from me by a stranger.  Fortunately, there was nothing ‘precious’ in the bag…. except the bag itself and a new Clarins lipstick I got this morning. 

I have to say my first reaction was shock … I thought I was in a safe neighbourhood!  But also there was a huge amount of small pieces of glass(ok… ok… maybe not huge amount but there really was a lot for such a small window)  all over the girls’ car seats.  Somehow I kept calm and explained to TP and TC what had happened…as I cleared away the glass.

Lesson:  put all that can be moved to the booth every time!

What impressed me most and what this memory will be linked to: The Princess and The Cherub crying in each other’s arms…. and The Star looking on from her stroller …. she’s still to too young to understand. 

I hope the girls will always be there for each other.



1. maureen - March 3, 2010

aaww how sweet!! it must be really special to be one of 3 girls so close to each other in age. and this blog is special too, knowing where it’s coming from. keep it up! 😉

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