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I did it! March 3, 2010

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I changed the blog’s name. After all it wasn’t all that difficult to do after i found where support was located.I think this is a better title that the one I had thought about.. (Life with TP, TC and TS)  It sound better somehow…   

A thank you is due to a fairy… the island fairy who suggested this name.  She is the one who unknowingly gave me the final kick I needed to start off this blog. Thank you dear friend.   

But, (isn’t there always one…) wait a minute, one more thing about the name.    

 Using the grouping of “3 princesses” like this might give some the idea that they are a group of similar individuals.  This might also give the impression that, for example, if let’s say, we’re having a snack and I suggest milk and a sandwich out on our terrace… The Princess doesn’t want milk but tea (well it’s actually 7/8 cup of milk + some hot water) and not sandwiches but a toast.  The Cherub wants milk but in the bottle (she had been weaned off the bottle before The Star came along and now we can’t wean her off again completely)  but not in the yellow one, in the blue one (which needs to be washed) and not a sandwich but a toastie (her name for the bread we toast in the sandwich toaster that gives you two triangles per 2 slices of bread).  The Star till now is looking up hopefully (as she does every time we mention any food item). 

Now for the filling: the Princess wants butter and nothing else (the latest fad) and to butter it herself, The Cherub wants han and the cow’s cheese (La vache qui rit triangles) and one triangle to eat now (to which i say no – half for the bread and half for now), and for The Star I make it a toastie too as she can’t voice an opinion yet.  

Oh and before I forget, The Princess wants tea inside not outside and in the Paris cup (the one I got them on my last trip there – it features a pink Eiffel Tower… what else! Becasue, i do get to get away from it all sometimes but about my trips, I’ll write some other time.)

So you see, a simple, quick snack with 3 princesses is never simple or quick.  Another element that needs to factored in is that by the time the milk is warmed and bottled, tea (mine) and the Princess’ made, toasts (both) ready to eat, I realise that the smelll coming out of  The Star’s nappy is telling us all that it needs to be changed. Now. Fast, before the toast goes cold.

My life with 3 princesses is made up of moments like this. Juggling. Multitasking. Tailormaking. Mothering 3 unique individuals at different stages of development, with different likes and dislikes, temperaments, attitudes (which I would have liked the title to convey…). Maybe it would have been simpler had we had triplets 😉




1. maureen - March 5, 2010

you’re very welcome 😉

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