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Pink Lizards March 5, 2010

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Conversation with TP this morning:

me: What happened last night dear? Why did you come to sleep near me? 

TP: I was dreaming and I wanted to come near you.

me: what was the dream about?

TP: I was on the terrace and  there were 2 lizards.

me: were you afraid of them?

TP: yes they were fat.

me: how fat dear?

TP: this much making a 1cm diameter circle with her thumb and pointer)

me: ah, I see.

TC: what colour were they?

TP: pink

Because you see… for The Princess, pink seems to be the only acceptable colour. And it has to feature in everything. Her cup is pink, as is her spoon, plate, fork, runners, bathrobe, favourite jacket, school bag, etc.  Whatever it is we are doing, the colour issue invariably crops up and pink is always the right answer.



1. maureen - March 5, 2010

haha great! how sweet! love this post! x

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