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“Sneaking Beauty” March 14, 2010

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For the umpteenth time TC ask me to put on The Sleeping Beauty (she calls it sneaking beauty) dvd.  Every time she finds the living room to herself (TS is taking a nap, TP is out with the man), she takes the book of this ‘timeless’ fairy tale and asks for the dvd as she did right now.  She then follows the story on the book and on the dvd….and as she does every time she covers her face with the book at each ‘fearful’ part such as when Maleficent interrupts the party, etc. and then like a true woman peeks a little to see just a little bit….as she’s just too curious and can’t miss anything!

(picture from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Disney%27s_Sleeping_Beauty_characters#Flora.2C_Fauna_and_Merryweather I still have to understand the best way to give credit when using pictures from websites)

Maybe I should have encouraged her to take up a game and I thus dedicate these few quiet moments for some me-and-her quality time.  But i’m already too tired this morning (Sundays are no holidays for moms!) to be proactive so i’ll let her watch and snuggle up to me.  I guess this will have to count as undivided attention. After all every 3 year old needs to be cuddled and the fact that I watch it with her instead of letting her watch and me heading off to do something else will appease my conscience.

So now I stop writing and move closer to her….

Maybe one day, when she’s angry at me for something or other (i’m sure we’ll have many of these moments given the character she is showing already), she might read this and maybe understand that mummies try hard to be perfect but don’t always manage.



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