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UV index… already too high! March 18, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in my opinions.
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Yesterday I took the girls to the new Dingli playing field as planned.  It is indeed very well planned etc… but hey it has absolutely no shade at all.  I mean, who is planning these spaces? I think they are planned by people who never use them.  Don’t get me wrong please. I don’t mean to say that I would have done a better job but given how harmful these uv rays are for kids (and all of us) and how high we have them here (yesterday it was 5 and its only mid March) why don’t the architects and planners put less benches or shrubs or maltese-stone-lined passage ways, and plant some trees that offer shade.  There they planted some olive trees… that will not be big enough in our lifetime to offer anybody or anything except the earth directly underneath them any shade. Or maybe they forgo the water fountian…. such a waste of space and concrete and equipment…. has anyone ever seen a water fountain that functions well here?  Even in what must be the best kept garden in Malta – San Anton Gardens – the water is always the most horrible shade of green.  In my honest and humble opinion they should be banned.  We don’t have enough rain water here.  But we need the shade.  Were the planners thinking that becasue it looks ok on the day when with the usual local pomposity the place is ‘officially inaugurated’ it will stay that way…. Probably maintenance cost were not factored in.  So why do it? Plant proper trees instead. Please. 

If it had been a mother of 2/3/4 etc kids planning a playing field, she would look not only at the safety regulations but also at comfort of who will be accompanying the kids. Are the benches comfortable? Is there shade? Can the kids come here in the morning too? Toilet facilities? A coffee shop nearby? Adequate parking?  (take the Sliema playing field at It-torri – beautiful site, fantastic climbing frames but try to go there before 1600 except maybe in January). Women are able to think macro as well as micro.  I sometimes think, men, simply aren’t able.   

PS today we’ll come straight home from school as the cold I have been trying to ignore for a week is giving me the shivers.  I know it’s him as I shouldn’t be having shivers on a warm day like today (17 Deg C.)



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