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Bingo! March 20, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in Life with 3 princesses.

Friends are known for offering advice.  A piece I often get is: “try to find some time to do the things you like”.  Another equally often offered one is “plan to spend time with your man”.  Em….yes I say every time to each friend.  Of course… Because we all agree that these are important facts of life aren’t they.

But see… the trick is not to find the things I’d like to do but when to do it.  Then put in the mix finding ‘placements’ for 3 princesses and the other need to spend some time with the man and we have a little planning nightmare.  Plans get made and unmade at the blink of an eyelid…really so quickly that sometimes there isn’t even time for regret.

But sometimes things do fall into place, ‘placements’ get created, and help is offered (I don’t like asking for help unless I absolutely can’t do without) and its bingo.

Last night and today is one of them. TP and TC were invited to a party at a place near the grandparents (my parents) and got the very coveted deal of also sleeping over at my mum. So that meant that my man and I could go out for a meal because with TS in the stroller this is very possible.  Well ok, conversation needs to factor in TS’s need for constant attention but all in all it was fine.  But the best comes later today when for the first time I will hand over TS to her aunt – my dear sister – for some hours.  And we, the parents, free of all 3 princesses will head to the spa for some relaxing time and a much much needed back message.

Maybe this in itself is not something to brag, blog or even talk about.  But for me this is like managing to find the right places  for all of the pieces of a 3000 piece puzzle!

ps I just hope all goes as planned. And a very special thanks to mum, dad and sister for making it possible.



1. Itsamummyslife - March 20, 2010

Sounds perfect, you have every right to blog and brag about it!!

2. maureen - March 20, 2010

it’s the best thing to blog about…managing to plan a spa visit with husband when mum to 3 small girls?! perfection! well done!

3. sunflower71 - March 21, 2010

Thanks Itsammmyslife and Maureen. Glad you approve of my bragging/blogging 😉 We did enjoy it very much.

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