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numbers March 25, 2010

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I’m more a number person than a word person.  At school, I always felt more at home solving mathematical  problems than writing essays.  When I grew up I became a mathematics teacher.  I graduated in 1993.  Since then I was in class for a total for 7 years.  Because I also enjoy doing other things and better, more interesting work opportunities came my way and I took them.  A friend once told me ‘a rolling stone gathers no moss’.  I think she meant to say that I should stick to doing one thing and gather ‘moss’ there.  But I don’t really like the idea of me covered in yellowish-green moss. I’d rather be doing different things. New things. because I believe that we carry our experiences with us and we are better able to handle new contexts.

But back to numbers, I still and will always be a number person and finally I start seeing these genes in my princesses.  Two of them seem to feel very comfortable around numbers too.

These are photos of TC showing me the number of ways here chubby fingers make 3 (her age).




1. Holly@itsamummyslife - March 25, 2010

Oh bless! That’s just so sweet. I absolutely love little people’s hands, the chubbier the better, there’s just something so edible about them (God I sound weird now… you know what I mean, they are just so LOVELY).

sunflower71 - March 25, 2010

It’s not weird… I feel like that every time she does it… which is very often… she is so proud of being 3! And I admit I keep asking her to do it just to see her fumbling with which fingers to open and which ones to close to get her 3!

2. maureen - March 25, 2010

how sweet!! i love their small chubby hands too…have always been fascinated by them and TC’s are perfect!

sunflower71 - March 26, 2010

TC is fascinated by hers too. But the absolute look of concentration on her face when she deciding which fingers to close and those to leave open is to die for!

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