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I found her! April 21, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in about me.

I’ve known her for quiet a while and have always admired her style.  Ever since she could express herself she has shown a strong will especially with regards to what she was to wear and especially what she didn’t want to wear.  Today we spent some unplanned time together and ended up shopping. Finally there is a splash of colour on the hangers in my closet.

Thank you, my dear personal shopper!  For when the next trip?



1. Holly@itsamummyslife - April 21, 2010

Sounds like fun!

2. sunflower71 - April 21, 2010

It was good fun Holly… and I’m so happy to be sporting a more updated look… how my morale is boosted by some pretty cloth, styled in a way that works for me! Childish? Maybe! But the good feeling is worth it!

3. gozo77 - April 23, 2010

ever wondered if the personal shopper has a personal shopper?!

4. guess who? - April 23, 2010

good question gozo77? he/she must be really personal if you happen to shop on these islands where all know all and meet all – all the time

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