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I am jealous of my daughter! May 11, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in Life with 3 princesses.
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When the light starts changing from bright daylight to dusk, TC makes sure I also notice this and from wherever she is in the house comes running to me to tell me, “Qed jidlam!” (“It’s getting dark!”).  This is also her message to me that she wants to put on her pjs and get into bed.  She has now a firmly established routine that I’m not about to change for anything.  I change her into her pjs, put her in our bed on my man’s side and after the prayers and me reading her a book or two, I let her watch some winding down tv – her favourite channel is Baby TV (that has the ability of putting anybody to sleep).  Soon after she drifts off after which we (more often than not) my man carries her to her bed.  More often than not she is in the land of dreams before it is even dark.

How I envy her this freedom to head off to bed when she feels her day is over!



1. maureen - May 12, 2010

and i envy you! my daughter routine has recently been amended to include the latest ‘fluffy gardens’ episode which finishes at around 9pm. she could be knackered but she fights sleep until it’s her bedtime. ps- i love the abbreviations box! 🙂

2. sunflower71 - May 12, 2010

thanks Maur… I’m learning;-) More to come…I found a new thing called tickers…

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