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It’s a mummy’s life. May 17, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in Life with 3 princesses.
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I was inspired to write this post by this.  I read this blog religiously every day.  I love it.  I like what it looks like but mostly what this mummy writes about.  And I’d love to be more like her… more regular in her posts and working in PR (plus being one of the top persons of the UK in her job…isn’t that just wow!).

I also fell in love with this on sight. This is a mother of 4 girls from whom I am hoping to learn a thing or two.  A few days ago she wrote this.

Caught up in between a rock and a hard place….I often wonder when the rock will shift a little as the hard place will be …em hard to soften. So what’s all this about really? 

When do the struggles to handle the kids become easier ones?  And more importantly, will the struggles ever change to somethings like fun? Or better, are motherhood and struggles intertwined? 

Now I know that some time ago I wrote about how I feel our worse is over and it is.  Only I know what 2009 was like and my-oh-my if I’m glad it’s over! But entertaining 3 little girls is not an easy task.  As is not easy all the rest. (Please here read: sleepless nights, teething, temper tantrums, nursing endless colds,  regressions, frustrations, hyperactivity, food loves/hates, sensitivity, trying to hug 3 children at the same time, … )

Are we influenced by the happy family pictures we see splashed out in various mags and billboards which seem to imply that if we use such and such we will look like this?  We all know it’s all fake but we hope that it is not and that at least part of that happiness (read also spotlessly clean house) rubs off.  Add to this the fact that there is nothing, no course, no book, no advice that can prepare a girl to becoming a mother of one, two or three (and more for others!), and we have tired, frustrated mums.

Back to the rock, I can’t help now but put myself in the picture where I can see me between the rock (the kids’ age) and the hard place (the family).  The kids’ age is changing, bringing with it subtle but sure changes to our rhythm as a family.  But a rock it is and I’m getting the distinct impression it will always be.

I hope and pray that with time, the efforts we put in now will pay back.  Hopefully before the Princesses gallop off into the sunset.



1. Lisa McReynolds - May 17, 2010

Awwwwwwwww, my first shout-out! Thanks doll!

I honestly believe things happen for a reason. And for whatever reason you stumbled upon my site on the MomsBlog, I’m so glad.

I think you and I will be soooo good for each other.
I do. 🙂

sunflower71 - May 18, 2010

You’re most welcome, Lisa! I speak (write) what my heart says.
I too think that there is a reason for every thing that comes our way.

2. maureen - May 18, 2010

what a lovely post. i believe there are challenges at every age, so if for now it’s sleepless nights and tantrums, in a couple of years it will be peer pressure and schoolwork. i couldn’t possible compare having one girl to having 3, but i think we should forget about everyone’s expectations (mostly our own) and live day by day, enjoying the little things which make being a mum so special. (and i’m preaching to myself here!)

sunflower71 - May 18, 2010

Well said Maureen, let’s enjoy the little things with the hope that they will help us take care of all the rest.

3. Holly at Itsamummyslife - July 30, 2010

This is such a lovely post, and thankyou so much for all the nice things you’ve said about me. The PR I’m doing on myself must be working! LOL. Being a mum is just really challenging and endlessly hard work. I’m assured by friends with older ones that it does get easier in terms of constant attention but then you have other things to deal with like learning to drive and girlfriends/boyfriends!
Have a lovely weekend.

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