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One down… many more to go June 28, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in Life with 3 princesses.
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Today was the first day of summer holidays for the girls.  The school gates will open again for them on September 28!

This morning, I decided to take them to the open market we have in this town every Monday.  There are all sorts of stalls selling food, cheap horrible hand bags, jeans, linen, shoes – the type that make you feel blisters all over your toes just by looking at them, cheap accessories etc.  All in all it was ok.  All 3 were perfectly well-behaved and none got lost.  They were not very impressed with the experience.  For The Princess  it was too chaotic.  For The Cherub it was too hot (it was the best excuse for her to keep asking for a new wet one every 5 minutes to wipe her face – her absolutely favourite hobby is playing with wet ones).  The Star slept through out the trip.  The highlight for The Princess was when she bought herself and The Cherub some hair bands.  For The Cherub the best part was concluding our outing at our favourite cafe’ 5th Avenue where she orders herself cheese toast and gets a plate ‘as big as the world’ full of salad and of course her 2 toast triangles.

It was not a completely altruistic ideas the above, though.  I needed something in particular for my self… a white cotton hat…. that I knew, the market was the simplest place to get one for a decent price.

Now this hat will be one important item in my luggage when I leave for a well deserved break….more about this next time.



1. maureen - June 29, 2010

yay! good for you! if someone deserves a holiday, that’s you!

sunflower71 - July 1, 2010

Thanks for approving Maureen! I still have a nagging feeling that not everyone will but ….what the heck!

2. iaia - June 29, 2010

I know the reason why you bought the hat…. :-)))

sunflower71 - July 1, 2010


3. fleur - June 29, 2010

was very impressed with all and it brought tears to my eyes as although you get to a point were you feel that there is no life left in you especially with my four kids we still keep thinking positive and think about the nice, kind and funny things our kids do, especially when caught on camera !!! I always hope that tomorrow is going to be an easier day as my kids would have grown a day older but most of the time it is worse then yesterday !!!!
i just wish you a wonderful summer holiday xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

sunflower71 - July 1, 2010

Hi! Thanks for visiting! I know the feeling well…..it never seems to get better in general. Just more and more hectic. But we are strong and will always do what is best for our children. Hand on in there! You are a great mom!

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