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Can mums take a holiday? June 30, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in about me, my opinions.
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Motherhood (we have often said) is a journey of discovery and for which there is no map, no guide-book, no real help.  We all of us get to experience it like no one else before us was a mother.  And moreover it would take very many volumes to describe the depth and width of the subject.

However, I often find myself comparing, how I am living my motherhood, to how I perceived my own mum living it when we, all four of us siblings were at home.  From my point of view, I am living this experience very differently.  This is pretty obvious, one might butt in!  We are different persons, living at different times, in different towns, etc… But there are some basic issues that I’m sure the I am differing completely and absolutely for her.

I will take only this example: do mums go on holiday?  I mean, can they take a break of a few days and head off somewhere to recharge while the father of the kids (and in my case, with the help of the grandparents) take over the household?

I would have thought not….but my man thinks otherwise. May God bless this man. He not only encouraged me to take up my friend’s very generous offer to spend a few days walking down (or up) a few lanes in the Dolomiti, near Cortina, in Italy, but he actually bought me the air tickets to get there.  Now tell me am I lucky or not?

I still can’t really believe it but this time next week I will be here.

This is a photo that was sent to me as a taster by my dear friend who will host me on my walking holiday.

I know I am leaving the kids in good hands and that this break will do me good.

But why, oh why, can’t I get rid of this nagging feeling that my mother would not have done anything like this?



1. iaia - July 2, 2010

your mother would’nt have done a lot of good things that you do for your daughtersand this holday is one of them. a woman can do something for herselv and being a good mother anyway….and your husband is a great great great man!!! :-)))

sunflower71 - July 4, 2010

Thanks Iaia! I know I need this! All my thanks go to you and my man!

2. MelRoXx - July 3, 2010

Every one has their different ways of doing things. And mommies deserve a break!

sunflower71 - July 4, 2010

What you say is very true MelRoXx! And I do feel that I deserve a break….it’s just that it’s not what I was brought up to think….poor my mum!

3. malta66 - July 7, 2010

simly go and enjoy yourself!! have fun and great time my dear

4. gozo77 - July 13, 2010

may i just say that post-holiday you look amazingly refreshed and ready for another go on the ring!! mothers should do this more often!!! hugs

sunflower71 - July 16, 2010

Thanks! Maybe I should be planning the next one soon….Just kidding…. trying to get back into the routine is proving tough once more

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