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Dolomiti (2) July 25, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in My trekking holiday.

Friday 9 July

0645: On the road

My friend and I leave early for our second walk.  My friend is of the philosophy of leaving early and covering most ground before it’s gets too hot.  I’m not so sure this ungodly hour is so necessary but I’m not arguing. She is the expert.  I’m trusting her implicitly.

0715: Palafavera

From here, at 1514m we leave for Rifugio Venezia.

We start an uphill walk in the forest.  We walk for what seem over 100 floors of uneven steps, treading over tree roots of all dimensions.  I dare look no where except where I’m walking.  I can’t risk tripping.  The shoes are indeed good.  Their grip is simply so very there.  I feel safe in them.  Another equally practical and feel-safe element are these symbols that one comes across on trees or rocks.  It is the red and white signs made by C. A. I.  In the very winding paths, one can see from one mark to the next one so it is impossible to get lost.  All mountain paths are marked in this way.

My rucksack, my walking sticks, my shoes and our path 474

We walk non stop for what seems a life time.  I’m out of breath often – a drink, a photo, or just to gaze up at The Pelmo that we’re trekking around – but always standing, just so I can keep going.

The reason to stop comes easy if to my left I have this kind of view, or not?

Then, when I know I can’t take another step, I look up and find this sign.  I’ve made it!

even my hand is shaking as I take this photo, but I had to document this moment - I want to remember the sense of achievement for ever

With cows grazing in the background (read here: cows’ dung dotting the mountain side) and the now familiar sound of the cow-bells, my friend and I take a well deserved break.  First stretching.  This is what will prevent my overworked and shocked muscles from getting twisted into cramps!

Thank you Iaia for bringing me here! Our wet t-shirts are drying on the trees!

I am so overwhelmed that I’m not even hungry.  Strange but true.  We change our soaking wet t-shirts.  Take off our shoes and socks and lie down to rest.

1300: Rifugio Venezia

Here we get our water refilled.  I cannot resist a piece of freshly baked piece of the most heavenly pear and dark chocolate cake.  After all I deserve it!  It was heavenly! I know I’m going to try to find a recipe for it.

Now 'fully' rested, I'm ready to face the walk back

The walk back takes less time.  I’m constantly correcting my posture to tackle the steep paths.

During this walk I came face to face with my limits of my energy and went beyond that point too.  I had never felt so tired in my whole life.

Not even after giving birth.



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