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Dolomiti (3) July 26, 2010

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Saturday 10 July: Rifugio Croda da Lago


Today we left home earlier.  We had a longer trip by car to get to our starting point.  The weather is very fine.  The air refreshing.  A quick coffee at Rifugio Staulanza and off we go.

1030 first break

Today’s walk is longer but easier.  The terrain changes but is less rough than that of yesterday.  I’m also gaining confidence and can now walk and look around me, not just the path!

During these walks I drank a lot of water but ate relatively very little.  The best snack was my friend’s idea: dark chocolate and plain biscuits.  Eating chocolate here feels so very very right!

Break time! As you can see I'm now quite comfortable around the dogs! This, for me, is pleasant by-product of this trip.

after the chocolate, I can start again!

Being a Saturday we also met more fellow walkers – tired or not, sweathy travellers, suntanned, capped and backpacked.  Hm…. Today I felt, I was one of mountain lovers who take to the mountains every time they can.  So here we met all sorts, the only common thing between us was the love of the mountains and the shoes.  For the rest, no one really knows.  We cross paths, smile, salute – hello, good day, buon giorno, salve, buondi – and proceed.

We also came across a considerable number of bikers.  Here one can see where the mountain bike got its gears and name.  I was quite fascinated by them.  It was a challenge for me on my feet but they took to the slopes on wheels.  I guess this will be one I’ll give a miss.

1300 Croda da Lago

This bit of paradise is our destination. People can come here by jeep from Cortina.  But I prefer the way we came.

1400 The weather changes

We sort of cut short our coffee at the Rifugio Croda da Lago to start our way back.  Clouds are gathering on the horizon and the air has turned chilly.  We want to get back before it starts to rain.  We walk non stop till we get to where we had parked the car.

1700 We beat the rain

We made it!

This field was at my left.  So significant.  Hundreds of forget-me-nots!

I have never felt as tired as I’m feeling today.  I’m hungry, my legs feel like jelly, my hands are aching, my back is feeling the strain.  I feel one whole mass to tiredness.  I’m exhausted. But who cares?  I’m not maybe a tentative intermediate mountain walker!



1. iaia - July 27, 2010

Hello! You were very brave and you walked hard…:-) I hope we can walk together again! You know…now you feel what I feel: ” I left on those mountains a part of my hearth…this must be the reason way I always want to come there…

sunflower71 - July 27, 2010

I’m counting on walking with you again…. sooner rather than later… now you passed on to me this love, you have to let me join you again!

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