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Happy birthday to me August 30, 2010

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It was 6 days ago, but like everything non-kids related, it takes, second, third or fourth place.  This is my last year in the thirties.  I have to say that the number does give me a very awkward feeling…can’t even say how old I am (silly me…).  I don’t feel this age at all. I know different parts of my body show the signs of age – the crow’s-feet and  the varicose veins and many others signs  in between but inside I have to say that I feel younger than I did at 25.  All in all this is a good thing, I think, except that I still missed having the opportunity to celebrate with my man as we had planned.  Circumstances demanded otherwise.  In compensation I got the best birthday present I could hope for. 

Some weeks ago I had written about how I had felt the need to start attending a first aid course.  Well I had completed it and the testing was held on my birthday.  I pass ed this test with full marks both in theory and practice.  I simply couldn’t believe my eyes.  It hadn’t been easy to even attend all 8 lectures, what with having to leave the 3 princesses for 3 hours or more with my man twice weekly and the revising of the material covered in the little free time I have after they go to bed, I hadn’t counted on passing the test on my first trial.  Afterwards, on arriving home the princesses (with my man’s help, of course) organised a surpise party for me, complete with a banner and some balloons.  Best of all was the fact that we, all 5 of us, were seated at table, including TS who is now no longer using her high chair but insists on sitting on a normal chair with us…. uh how they’re growing!



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