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Ruby Wedding Anniversary September 3, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in my opinions.

My parents’!

Thank you God for giving me this set of parents, this family where I grew up. 

Thank you for all my parents taught me by their example.

They are still together despite being diametrically opposite types. Thank you for this.

Over the next few days all the family will be together … all 12 of us now.  There’s them, me and my troop, my sister and husband, my brother and his German wife who join us today from Germany and my other brother who arrived here a couple of days ago from Australia.  Thank you God for giving us this opportunity to be together all of us again.  Last time this happened TS was still a twinkle.

The one thing that strikes me in my parents’ marriage is, these days, a very unpopular word.  It’s sacrifice.  I think this must be what highlighted my childhood.  I was very aware of the lack of money in the family at the time (not that there was much to buy on this rock in the 70’s and 80’s backwater that it was as I was growing up) and of the difficulty to make ends meet.  This does not mean that I don’t have other happy memories….endless hours spent at the beach every single morning of our summer holidays with dad – who as a teacher had his holidays with us four! Sunday picnics in the fields throughout our mild autumn and winter with our cousins! Trips to the other island in our beloved Hillman Hunter station wagon! A few trips abroad! However, I seem to be very much aware of the white hairs we procured both of them before we flew the nest.

Today on the eve of their Ruby Wedding Anniversary, I wish them many more years together. As I wish us 4 the ability to read in our parents’ years together that that made them strong in the face of adversities.  

May God bless you both Ma and Pa.



1. maureen - September 4, 2010

happy anniversary to your parents! our childhoods were very similar and it was just my parents’ anniversary a couple of days ago (46 yrs!). we’re lucky to have had such a great example. hope to bump into one of you four!

2. sunflower71 - September 15, 2010

the boys left too soon…don’t know if you managed to see them. It’s true we were lucky. I hope we can give our kids at least half of what we got…

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