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Maria the Mathematician September 21, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in The Cherub.

The Cherub is spending a few days over at my parents. This is her first time sleep over without any of us there. Till now we never dared leave her anywhere as she can be quite challenging to anyone unused to her obstinate ways. Both her sisters had stayed over at grandma on their own and she was starting to feel a bit the odd one out. Being one who tends to exagerate everything, she wasn’t happy to sleep over for 1 night …. she kept asking for 10. As a compromise we agreed for 2. The last thing she told us before we left her there was. “Mummy, I want to stay here more than 10 nights (showing me her 10 fingers). I want to stay (and here up goes her foot…she brought her toes next to her hands)!”
My father is looking on questioningly. What the hell is this?!
Ah, yes! But of course. She want to stay 15 nights!



1. maureen - September 21, 2010

😀 this made me laugh! i hope to see her around.

2. sunflower71 - September 21, 2010

it makes me laugh too every time I think of it! Pity I wasn’t quick enough to take her picture. today she comes back though…next time we come over I’ll let you know. C was asking after M this weekend but here wasn’t time to contact you

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