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Is my daughter on a hunger strike? September 24, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in Life with 3 princesses, The Star.

The Star – aged 1 year 8 months has just completed her second full week at her playschool. She now cries just a little when I leave…but really it is only a very tiny little. Her new way of showing opposition is now her not eating. Now this normally would not be an issue. She is a very healthy eater. But if we wanted proof of what kind of determined character she has, now we know. She is striking from 0730 till 1400! I don’t know how she manages. I mean, without food is one thing. But also without water! It’s still hot and given that they get to play outside a couple of times during the day, I think this would be way beyond her endurance! Apperently I’m wrong.

On the trip home she is usually very quiet. After I give her a quick wash down (I know I might sound obsessed, but I give the kids a shower straight after school) she devours all I had prepared for her in the morning – sandwiches, fruit, water, cereal! So, in conclusion, I now know that my daughter is on a hunger strike.  I sincerily hope it doesn’t last.

PS The one single thing that helped her ‘settle’ at school, and not cry for me during the day, was her bag. Funny eh!? It is a small luggage trolley sort of bag, in the shape of a cow. My brother and his wife brought it over from Germany earlier this month. Since then she hardly played with anything else. Even at school, this bag is in her arms or by her side wherever she is. I think for her this was her way to keeping her identity in the midst of her new acquaintances.  If yet we hadn’t notices, children are really little people 🙂



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