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Adjusting October 5, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in about me, Life with 3 princesses.
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This is the one single word that best describes us right now.

I am adjusting to being a full-time working mom of 3 girls aged 5 and less.

My man is adjusting to being the husband of a working wife.

We are both adjusting to being busier, have more to do in less time. 

The Princess is adjusting to her  new school, new uniform, having homework after school (I know it’s sounds cruel but she has her 1 and i and l to write 😉 ).

The Cherub, now finally had her first day at school, and finally can tell us about what she did at school, and what her teacher said.  She seems to be, to me, the one who is coping best with the changes.

The Star still can’t get used to being, not at home, but at her playschool during the day.  She still occasionally starves herself during the day, or cries her heart out when I leave her in the morning, or starts crying (to complain for being left there so long, I think and hope) the moment I walk through the door in the afternoon when I pick her up, or all three on the same day.

The Princess and the Cherub are now being accompanied to school by our friend/home help/nanny who as turned out to be our angel without whom the tight morning  schedule would all apart as would the odd but fairly common afternoon when the usual timetable is tweaked and my planning falls through.

The Princess – God please keep your hands on her, on the driver and the rest of the children – now takes the school transport to get home from school.  I had planned to bring her home myself but the traffic in the area plus the lack of parking spaces anywhere close to her school have made it impossible for me to do it.  God bless also My Princess’s docile soul who just took this ‘slight’ change in her stride.  She is only 5.  Can’t even be seen in between the huge seats of the coach.  But she seems fine with the arrangement and what surprised me was that she understood our  need for this change.

It is too early to see if my going out to work instead of staying here to mind the house and the family’s needs exclusively is helping or harming the family in any way.

There is one other thing, that is adjusting, that maybe is positive, in the whole e.  It’s that I’m getting 6 hours every day (ok, maybe it’s a bit less as I still phone our nanny for updates) that I am thinking of other things, having conversations with adults, discussing strategies and groupings, problems and possible solutions, approaches and attitudes.  And all in all, I don’t feel any more tired than I did when I did not work… strange but true!

PS I still can’t bring myself to write about my work itself.  It is an emotional experience both at best and at worse.  Maybe I start another anonymous blog about that.  We’ll see.



1. Holly - December 31, 2010

Good luck, it’s bloody hard but there are benefits and princess seems to be coping we so that’s good x

sunflower71 - December 31, 2010

You are right about the hard work but also about the benfits…you – through your blog – are an inspiration to me in this respect! So once more thanks

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