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We wish you a merry Christmas December 30, 2010

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(belatedness being the name of the game here….)

Our crib was the Princesses main play thing until Santa crossed our path.  The figures were never in the same place, spent a generous amount of time elsewhere (read here – on the floor) and we obviously have two sets of the main characters.  Next year they will be three as I’m sure The Star will complain and will want to have her own. In reality we did start off with 3 sets but one of them was made of breakable material and were reduced to unmendable masses of bits in less than a day.

Our Christmas day was spent mostly on Gozo but as usual we also visited our other part of the family on the other island Malta.  The girls had a very good day but The Princess has now serious doubts about the existence of Father Christmas who this year they met early in December (I’ll write a post about this, promise), got her and The Cherub identical toys, knew we would be in Gozo on Christmas Day,  and visited us again at our relatives in Malta but this time it was really her cousin dressed up. The Star was not so worried about all this.  Her thinking skills focused on the content of his sack!



1. maureen - December 30, 2010

they’ve really grown! happy christmas (season) to you too! x

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