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a missing side February 21, 2011

Posted by sunflower71 in Life with 3 princesses.

I often find myself missing a side, a hand, an arm…. Don’t know about you other moms of 3 or more children how to solve this problem? What do you do when all your 3 children want sit by your side, hold your hand, to be lifted?  How do you solve our perennially present seating problem at a rectangular table that normally seats 6 but being 5, TP or TC complain there is no one at their side?  I still need to have TS at specific angle from me.  It seems the older two sense this and complain at each and every meal we have together.  This sibling rivalry is constantly manifested and at times I have not patience for it and unless the fighting escalates, I let them sort differences out between them. But when the issue is to be lifted by my man…. do we have to actually count the minutes he has one of them in his arms so he give each of the other 2 the same amount?  Should I spend exactly the same amount of time getting each one ready…. yes another issue is who gets changed on the nappy changer like TS does.  When TP asks to be fed should I always give in?  She is over 5 now and has been capable of feeding herself without (making a mess) for a number of years!  But then, there are days when she throws a tantrum just so that I/we give in… Should I run to wipe their bottom every single time they ask just so that they have me with them alone for a few minutes when they are perfectly training in this specific routine?

Alternatively, I might try to look at things from my princesses’ perspective… it probably is not easy for children who have a strong character like my 3 all have to cohabit in a family where you are not the only princess.

Yet another point of view could be that of actually enjoying the noise and the fighting for attention now, before they start drifting away from me and my cuddles.



1. Lisa McReynolds - February 21, 2011

Our big deal, in our family of six and five of them being girls, is all four of them wanting to sit by Mommy. EVERY SINGLE TIME we go out to eat, it’s an argument over who gets to sit by Mommy. At home, we have to rotate who sits by Mommy. It’s crazy and VERY frustrating and VERY sweet. I try to remember that one day they won’t WANT to sit by Mommy…or worse, won’t even be there to sit by Mommy.

2. sunflower71 - February 21, 2011

Thanks Lisa…. Your feedback is so encouraging and I admire your positivity so much!

3. George - February 27, 2011

Maybe should make a roster. So they all know when its their turn. 🙂

sunflower71 - March 1, 2011

Ha Ha…. we’ll try it and let you know!

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