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thank you March 1, 2011

Posted by sunflower71 in about me.

Over the last week-end, purely by coincidence, I met the Island Fairy.  (On these couple of rocks where we reside, it is quitethe norm to meet people you know all the time.)  She is currently very pregnant and looking more beautiful than ever.  I so wished we had more time to chat.  But it was not to be.  She was soon gone but not before encouraging me on with this my blog.  Thanks you so much.  You don’t know how much your last gesture meant to me.

When she was gone, I realised that I had actually admired and liked her bump…. I had been hating meeting pregnant women for the feelings of helplessness I used to get and for not having a ready word of encouragement for them.  I know how much I had liked it when women showed understanding towards me during my pregnancies.  After my last one, I had avoided having to meet expectant mothers nearly like the plague.  For me a pregnancy had come to mean only more work, less sleep, less time for me, a further reduction in the time to give to the other kids and my man…. plainly negative aspects if there ever were any.  But I can say those feeling are now officially gone and I hadn’t realized.  Thank you Island Fairy for highlighting this….I’m nearly ready for the next one….no no… only joking!



1. Maureen Saguna - March 2, 2011

oh claudia, you’re too kind! i’m glad i ‘reminded’ you to write…i know how important it was to you (and i’m having to ‘force’ myself too lately). i’m glad our encounter had a positive outcome. 🙂

2. sunflower71 - March 2, 2011

not kind Maur, just truthful! hugs!

3. mark - March 3, 2011

How sweet!!

Even though I do not comment on your every post, I do read them all. Strangely enough by reading both your posts -yours and maurs – I enter into another world, the world of families and children which unfortunately I will not be able to have. You make me smile and give me tips and insights how I should act with and react to after the coming month and a half have passed when my sister gives birth.. ahh cant wait

thank you both

sunflower71 - March 3, 2011

Hello Mark!
thanks for reading. Congrats! You will soon acquire a new name: Uncle! I soooo miss having nephews and neices. That is a special relationship too and while i don’t think it can replace that of your own children, I belive that children need to form strong bonds with adults other than their parents. I’m sure you will make a fantastic uncle! take care

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