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Libya March 6, 2011

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While all news bulletins of all tv stations have this unique subject, over here on this rock we are getting the side effects.  Sadly for the unfortunate Libyan people we seem to be getting our 15 minutes of fame since the name of our minute state is being mentioned against footage of ships full of people being evacuated from this country.

Personally, my feelings are for all those who are suffering but with regards to footage we only see men protesting, trying to flee to Tunisia and Egypt, etc.  Where are the women? Are the children safe at home?  And if the men are out and about sadly getting killed or fleeing, how are women coping with this situation? 

On a different note, between 1981 and 1987, during the whole 5 years of secondary education, I had 4, 45 minute lessons every week of Arabic.  Libyan teachers tried to teach us their complicated language and we did our best to learn the twists and turns of their consonants, the strange way they do their vowels, their rich vocabulary.  While our language might sound more similar to Arabic than any other language, in reality, the only similarity lies in the sound.  I have very clear recollections of my friends and myself painstakingly attempting to write a few sentences as expected of us during our last year.  Many of us went on to get passes in the Secondary Education Certificate in this subject but I often wonder how many of us, since then, has attempted to even read anything in this language.  So much effort, so much time, so many wasted hours that we could have spent learning something else, another language … or even if it had been simply having more time for sport.

All this talk on Libya



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