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My first holiday with my Princess March 11, 2011

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TP and I spent a couple of days in Sicily.  We joined a group of colleagues from my new job.  We had been planning this for quite a while and until the moment we were boarding I couldn’t quite believe I’d actually manage to do it.  We were both very looking forward to a couple of days away from it all.  Ever since TS was born I had started to feel that my family had become a croud.  At times one needs to take turns to find a free moment to say something.  And this with TS still in her 2s!  Somehow we managed to convince TS that this time it was TP’s turn and I was at peace with the fact that I was choosing between who of my children to take.  Egoistically, I had opted for TP mainly because she is the easier one to take around.  At 5 she still sleeps on a car trip and need to be in bed by 8.  But for me that compromise is nothing when compared to the time we were going to have alone together.

Here she is on her very first meeting with the snow on Mount Etna.

At Giardino Bellini in Catania.

At the carnival in Acireale.

At Taormina.

With a new friend she made, one of my new work colleagues’ daughter.




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