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Something new May 6, 2011

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This mummy is going bonkers.

This mummy has gone bonkers.

This mummy has managed to carve out some time for herself to do something that she has been longing for, for a very long time.   And to be perfectly honest I don’t really care is any body starts to think any of the two statements above about me.

Ever since those crazy days of this and this post….I have been longing for some form of exercise to release the tension that I was feeling building up in me.  To me it was clear that I needed a vent.  But it was not to be back then.

Until one fine day, I’m casually chatting to another mother of 3 kids, while our children are at the swimming pool about what kinds of things we’d like to get involved in if we had the time.  I mentioned kick boxing.  (You see, she is not Maltese so with her I feel a tad more comfortable to say something like this.  Every one else I know except my ‘crazy’ sister looked at me incredulously when I mentioned this.) ‘But you should go then.  We have it in Mosta (where we both live). My sister-in-law and her husband go there!  There are lessons every day, you know!’  I remember feeling very but very excited about this.  Suddenly, this ‘secret’ wish that I had started looking possible.  But somehow I never managed to get the telephone contact of this organisation.  She just told me the whereabout of the location.  I scouted around the area a bit but I missed somhow missed them.

Then, just to prove that this was somehow meant to be, I recently befriended someone who lives in the area of this, until now for me, ghost organisation.  She was, like every one else, very surprised to hear that I was interested in this, but managed to get me their number.  I immediately made contact but due to the Easter holidays and my man’s work schedule, I postponed the appointment a number of times.  Until finally I decided that I had postponed this thing enough and got an appointment and finally kept it.

So two days ago, my sister and I (I had to have her with me at least the first time), went along.

Neither of us knew what to expect.  The people we saw coming out of the gym looked very decent to us.  (We, both of us, can be real snobs if we choose to be.)  Even the ladies, we said…..’hm, ok, it seems ok from the looks of them’.  On entering, that is, we make and entrance  because the lesson had already started, the instructor greeted us very warmly.  ‘Very nice’, I immediately though of him.  ‘I already like it!’.  They are doing some stretching and general exercises to begin.  As we settle in to the routine, we start spotting people we know.  Actually between me and my sister we knew half the class!  Half way through, we were told to work with a female instructor.  She is ‘cute’.  definitely not some one I would have associated with this sport at all.  Not in a million years. 

So we work with her on the moves….or better how to hit, how to hold your legs, how to move…. and we do a few repeats, and learn or rather try to get familiar with some terminology and some hand movements.  By now, I know I’m not in a kick boxing class, but ‘only’ a boxing one.  From what I had seen till now, to me it sounded enough for what I had had in mind.

Later we join again the rest of the class for some final stretching.

And finally the ‘very nice’ instructor starts explaining to us what we could expect of this kind of class.  Now it seems crazy to me that we didn’t have this chat before we even started but anyway, better late than never.  We filled in some forms and decided to subscribe to a 10 session programme.  And, moreover, my sister and I are now the proud owners of a pair of boxing gloves, bandages and a skipping rope!

Now last night I went for the second session.  And now the real work started.  The instructor is some one else.  Not as ‘nice’ but equally professional.  I can sense I’m being pushed to my limits.  What feels good is that, he sees my limits and stops pushing me.  I like this and feel confident I can come back here for more.

Before I close off, one thing to put straight is that what I am doing is not going to make me a boxer.  I wouldn’t want that one single bit.  But I’m doing some exercise, that I who has never exercised before, is finding fun and challenging.  And at the back of my mind I know my next trekking holiday is looming pleasantly near and I want to be much fitter for it this time round.



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