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7 years on June 6, 2011

Posted by sunflower71 in about me.


7 years ago……

How time flies!

But in reality why am I wondering where all these days went…. we’ve had the 3 princesses in the mean time… that is where these 2555 days went….

It has been a fairly rough ride but when all is said and done very manageable thanks to my man.  He is the one who kept us going.  He is our rock. My rock. So thank you, dear, for having chosen me to share your life with.



1. samestoy - June 7, 2011

I am writing a book called “So…How Did You Meet Anyway?” It is a collection of people’s “how we met” stories.
I have posted the stories which have been sent in on;
So…How Did You Meet Anyway?
I am always shopping for stories and I would like to add yours. Please check out the site, and if you would like to contribute your “how we met” story contact me at;
And if you would like any more information about the upcoming book, here is a link to a television interview I did in May.

Take care and…congratulations!

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