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Running January 20, 2012

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Last May I started, for the first time in my life, to have a real hobby.  I’m sure many of you are familiar with that funny feeling of having to fill in a form, or a cv, and needing to say what hobbies we have, and we write ‘reading’ or ‘travelling’ or something equally vague.  We’ll I’ve done this all my life.  But won’t be doing it any more.  I now have a hobby I’ve come to love and to whom, with Stephen’s support I’m able to dedicate about 3 to 4 hours every week.  I’m doing a mixture of boxercise and running.  I’m a late convert to exercise as those of you who know me are very well aware.  I’m also very and constantly surprised at how ‘fast’ my body adjusted to this new routine.  I still do sometimes nearly hear my muscles and tendons discussing together what’s gotten into me recently, that I make them do things they had never done before! 

My progress has been constant and in August I asked the fitness trainer at the gym I attend whether I could run the half marathon next February.  He suggested that I should go for the walkathon and maybe jog parts of it. In October, together with a few other people, the gym offered us a different option – that of starting a running club.  Every Monday we started going for a 45 minute jog, that has seen us improving until in December my running partner and I completed a 17.4 km race in 1 hour 47 minutes!

That’s the medal and here my partner and I a few seconds after we crossed the finish line, still incredulous of our feat!





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