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We’re still all of us alive…. January 20, 2012

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Hello again from me here at life with 3 Princesses!  We are still all of us alive, healthy and growing.  I haven’t given this space the attention it deserves.  After all, those elusive few minutes remained elusive.  Today is no different.

As I write Francesca is next to me watching Baby TV. Catherine is on the other side attempting to read what I’m writing. Maria is in the next room busily dreaming.  Right now my wish is that she sleeps through the night.  It is the same wish I have every night.  She is a very light sleeper and every night without fail she comes along to our room with a number of requests ranging from being cold, being hot, needing a drink, needing the bathroom, bad dreams, and her latest excuse, “I came to be daddy’s hot water bottle”!

As you can see from the little ticker tapes on the left of the screen, Francesca is now 3.  In a few days she will start going to the big school as she likes to call the Kindergarten she will be attending every day.  She is very looking forward to wearing her new uniform to be just like Maria! She craves to be older and be doing older things.  Today the squabble with Maria was on who has most homework for the weekend!  To me it sounded a  bit too nerdish….but funny too! Oh, how I will enjoy reminding them about these little quarrels when they are older and probably, like all teenagers , reluctant to complete all the homework!

In the mean time Stephen and I seek to keep them healthy and happy.  Here we are a couple of months ago at a friend….in a rare picture where all 3 Princesses not only looking at the camera but all of us are actually enjoying being photographed!  Thanks Becky for this!  It’s one our best photos all together.



1. Maureen Saguna - January 20, 2012

So nice to read from you! I was very concerned about you lately but am very happy and relieved to see all is well. I can’t believe Francesca’s three! She resembles Maria so much I keep mistaking her for her sister. You look great in that photo, all five of you. Hope to read from you again soon. x

sunflower71 - January 20, 2012

Thanks dear! Hugs!!

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