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For about 5 years I was a full-time mother of 3 adorable girls.  I now added a full-time job to this.  I’m currently still in the adjusting phase and often still find myself reviewing this decision and listing the benfits and drawbacks of my decision to return to full time employment. 

I have  always wished I had the time to blog.  I started this little place of mine in February 2009.  I have very little time for me but I have a need to express myself to remain sane for my children, for my better half and mostly for myself. At  times I wish I were in other places, doing other things, but mostly I have to say that taking care of my family is what I enjoy doing most. 

Thank you visiting.



1. Lisa McReynolds - May 11, 2010

Hello sweet lady! Thanks so much for the nice comments on my blog! I’m glad to have all the visitors I can get!
Yes, it’s kinda crazy having four daughters (especially with a set of TWINS) but it’s all fun and doable. I truly believe God only gives us what we can handle…or just us crazy folks. 🙂

I LOVE your blog and have subscribed! You are an awesome writer! Let’s keep in touch, ok?

2. Lisa McReynolds - May 19, 2010

Hey girl…I’m thinking I’ll just probably go private. If I do, I’ll need your email address to add to my list of ‘accepted readers’. 🙂

I just send you a friend request on FB.

3. Liz - September 21, 2010

We’d love to have you join our parent network. Can I send you an invitation?

sunflower71 - September 21, 2010

Hi Liz, thanks! my email is ccassar@hotmail.com.

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