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Breastfeeding June 29, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in Life with 3 princesses.
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It’s a mummy’s life and I were thinking the same thing for different reasons today…. not very odd after all… we’re both parents to toddlers and babies.

In the Time issue of July 5, Alice Park writes about the latest findings on Infant Health and in particular about how long to breast feed.  Well… to save you going there and reading the article it concludes that the latest results support the World Health Organisations’ 2001 advice that all children should be breast-fed exclusively for the first 6 months of their life and that these same studies suggest also that, 4 months of breast-feeding only also benefit babies’ health.

Now here I don’t intend to criticise moms who decide not to breastfeed for whatever reason.  Having a child is traumatic enough in itself…. it’s even more than traumatic for some so I’m really not trying to push the point but I have been meaning to say my two bits on the issue for some time.

But before that…. I breastfed each of my 3 princesses exclusively for approximately 5 months.  I was a SAHM at the time (still am).  I was encouraged to do it by my man’s niece who had breastfed 3 of her own (since then she had her 4th child!) and so I took the plunge and survived the ordeal.

Because it is an ordeal.  Breastfeeding has its benefits.  I believe all that and I wanted to offer that to my girls.  But it is an ordeal.  It’s a task that cannot be delegated (I hated expressing), is time-consuming and tiring.  Above all this, after 9 months of doing only and exclusively what is good for baby (and feeling guilty for that sip of wine, that bite of tuna, that little blue cheese), then you get to prolong this agony with another few more months.  In reality, in the grand scheme of things, this is not a long time.  What are a few months of sacrifice in comparison to all the benefits gained?  But hey, when you do this twice and then the 3rd time in less than 3 years and a half….then believe me, the occasional sip of wine becomes a need… an obsession really.

I do admire women who are able to even continue breastfeeding beyond the 6 month suggestion…though I absolutely think that beyond the 2 years is really not on.  I don’t think this kind of dependence is healthy for the kids or the mother.  This is not a researched comment.  It is just my honest opinion based on my experience with my 3 girls.

Now back to It’s a mummy’s life and the this bit from BBC, for me too, after the delivery and while in the midst of those never-ending months of being the best mom for a newborn baby, the idea of sex was simply not there.  Now some might put in here a snide remark on how come my eldest has sisters… and you’d be right of course 🙂 but for me, after the ordeal – physical, mental and psychological – in my head, sex was only a link to another, similar, ordeal.

Hmmm. That said, I need to conclude on a light note. Now what could be a light note on breastfeeding? That the breasts end up closer to the ankles?  Yes, but that was said by It’s a mummy’s life and indeed for me it is the only plastic surgery I would like to submit myself to. Soon.

So I’ll just this.  The Cherub often asks me about why my breasts are ‘so’ big (well they are not small but I believe they are quite in proportion with my frame).  My reply is always the same, “because they had milk for you, and your two sisters when you three were babies”.  To which she replies, “but granny’s are much bigger…she had 9 children!” (my man is one of 9 kids).  How I love their honesty!

Thank you for reading.