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Happy birthday to me August 30, 2010

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It was 6 days ago, but like everything non-kids related, it takes, second, third or fourth place.  This is my last year in the thirties.  I have to say that the number does give me a very awkward feeling…can’t even say how old I am (silly me…).  I don’t feel this age at all. I know different parts of my body show the signs of age – the crow’s-feet and  the varicose veins and many others signs  in between but inside I have to say that I feel younger than I did at 25.  All in all this is a good thing, I think, except that I still missed having the opportunity to celebrate with my man as we had planned.  Circumstances demanded otherwise.  In compensation I got the best birthday present I could hope for. 

Some weeks ago I had written about how I had felt the need to start attending a first aid course.  Well I had completed it and the testing was held on my birthday.  I pass ed this test with full marks both in theory and practice.  I simply couldn’t believe my eyes.  It hadn’t been easy to even attend all 8 lectures, what with having to leave the 3 princesses for 3 hours or more with my man twice weekly and the revising of the material covered in the little free time I have after they go to bed, I hadn’t counted on passing the test on my first trial.  Afterwards, on arriving home the princesses (with my man’s help, of course) organised a surpise party for me, complete with a banner and some balloons.  Best of all was the fact that we, all 5 of us, were seated at table, including TS who is now no longer using her high chair but insists on sitting on a normal chair with us…. uh how they’re growing!


A new challenge July 27, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in about me.

A few days ago, TS started coughing in a very ugly and noisy manner.  I blamed a piece of dry pasta and that I thought got stuck somewhere in her throat.  To cut longer story short, we ended up at the ENT department twice in one evening to have her checked.  Here, among other things, I was told that I had approached my doubt in the worse possible manner.  I had tried to make her throw up and this would have made the errant object go further down the wrong pipe.  There and then I made up my mind that I need to take a first aid course.

So after a little research, I enrolled and attended my first sessions, earlier today, at the St. John Ambulance‘s offices in Valletta.  I’m very glad I doing this.  Child proofing the house is not enough.  Now,  I think, I hope, my princesses will be safer with me from now on.

ps:  During the session, I got further solid proof (not that is was needed) that my brain is nearly dead: we were shown how to check the pulse: count the beats for 10 seconds and then multiply by 6.  Simple, no?  I managed to get this simple operation wrong!  This says a lot, but a real lot about me.  Those who know me well will be laughing their head off! I desperately need to get the cog-wheels in my head running again.