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“Today I’m a baby, mama, please…” April 1, 2010

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TC is unwell – a fever, that since yesterday, is playing hide and seek with us.  While trying to convince my 3-year-old that she is a big girl now and can blow her nose after having had a good cry when I tried to take her fever she told me “No. Nooooooo. Today I’m a baby, mama, please”.   What can I say, don’t we all feel sometimes the needs to regress a little and there I was asking my 3-year-old to act big!  Silly silly me.  So I do what I hate but am good at and spoil her. 

But only until Fever stops playing with us.

Ever since I can remember (ie in the last few years since I’m a mummy) every time one of the girls is sick I find myself thanking God and my lucky stars that I’m one lucky mummy.  We have easy access to doctors (our pediatrician and gp are only a phone call away), medicines, hospitals and moreover our illnesses are curable with inexpensive, often-over-the-counter medicines or simple alternative methods.  But who knows how many moms are there in the world that at this same moment are looking into the eyes of their sick children and are feeling helpless as how to help them.  How many children there must be looking around them with helpless eyes but whose gaze no kind eyes meet?  I find my self falling very silent (I’m very loud and noisy normally)  when I think of this world disorder.  Because it’s a disorder for me that we are emphasize ‘the right thing’ to follow the 3r’s to do our bit for the environment and are incessantly bombarded by messages with regards to less use of this and more use of that.  And it’s hip to be seen reusing and car-pooling and planting trees but what about the injustices children suffer the world over… poverty, pedophilia, child slavery, child soldiers… Why isn’t this a mainstream issue? 

In moments like these my belief that heaven indeed exists is immutable.  People who commit crimes against children have to be denied something…for there to be a world order and it must be the best there is.