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Kiwi June 24, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in Food.

Kiwi is a relatively new addition to greengrocers’ shelves here.  I believe that we, the Maltese are only now getting to know the benefits of this wonderful fruit.

I have lately discovered another two of its properties largely unthought of before.

The first I discovered the day I ran out of strawberries and added it to plain cereal flakes instead.  As soon as I added milk, this latter will kind of curdled.  The taste of milk was unchanged but all in all the look of the contents of the cereal bowl was not very inviting.

The second property or rather effect of this fruit on jelly is that it prevents the jelly from going solid.  To my mind, this is very funny….

I’m sure there is a logical, scientific description to all this.