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on birthdays, cakes and Christmas December 9, 2010

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Today my man celebrates his birthday…..or rather, I tried to find a way to celebrate my and the princesses’ hero after he came home from a long day at work.  I’d like to think we managed. His non-words during the cake tasting were enough to make my efforts worth it.  I’m not very able at cake making but I relied on Nigella Lawson’s spiced Chocolate Cake from her  Christmas book.  Mine looked exactly like this…and tasted as heavenly and chocolatey as it looks.

The girls’ excitement for all things Christmassy is increasing as the chocolates in their Advent Calendars are decreasing.  At school all three are rehearsing their carols and corresponding actions.  The Princess has also a speaking part in her class’ play so we also have her lines to revise.  However the best part of all this has to be The Star’s determination not to be left out of anything we do.  Her vocabulary her increased exponentially lately so she can now generally verbalise her wishes and rest assured she is doing just this and obtaining everything she wants fast. Unfortunately this means also that she often get hurt trying to imitate her sisters and tells everyone who is willing to listen to her woes.  She is such a character… and oh, how I see our work cut out for us as she grows older!

 I’m missing this space and following my virtual friends but 24 hours are just that and there is simply never time for everything.  I’m very disappointed and my not being able to keep posting more regularly, if for nothing to keep a record for myself and the girls of the highlights that punctuate our days.  Let’s see if I can improve in this…


Keep calm and carry on June 11, 2010

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I first came across this piece of wisdom in this book.

I love Nigella’s way of writing.  She makes everything seem really easy and takes the cook’s approach to cooking instead of the chef’s.  I first came across her books when I poached a gift my chef brother had been given – How to Eat.

Back to Nigella Christmas.  For the big day she is first photographed carrying this mug (there I go again with mugs).

Keep Calm and Carry On Mugs

Here it is…. Encouraging, is it not?

The history of this motto dates to WW II.  It was meant to be ‘splashed’ all over Britain had Germany succeeded to invade it.  Since this did not, in fact, take place,  the original posters were never used.  At least one survived and was discovered earlier this decade.

Back to me…it has lately become my mantra.  I repeat it to myself often especially during the long hot afternoons when I feel only like lying down and dozing off but have to remain alert, entertaining and responsive to my 3 princesses.  For now it’s working… I hope it’s magic doesn’t fade.

Photo credits: http://www.nigella.com/product/default.aspx