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Sleepless nights May 30, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in Life with 3 princesses.
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This must be the one, single, element of motherhood that I’d change if I could. My share is obviously triple that endured by moms of one child.  And yes I know, I get triple the joys, kisses and hugs but honestly, I could do with a bit more sleep.

On Friday I went to the premier of SATC 2.  Now please don’t take this to be a non-event for me.  This was the event of the year for me.  I think I haven’t been on a girls night out since my hen’s party that took place 6 years ago today!  I had been so very looking forward to dressing up and leaving all my brood behind me since my sister booked the tickets two weeks ago.  The whole thing quite fitted with my expectations of the event.  Red carpet, cocktails, a neck message, lovely giveaways.  Then the film… I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet but for me it was a relaxing two hours enjoying my ‘heroines’ living their outrageous lives on screen.  Later a delicious cocktail in lovely bar. An uneventful drive home….and an unexpected surprise on opening the front door.

TS was still up waiting for me to get home!  She was so excited on seeing me that she didn’t go to sleep until 3.30am.  By that time I had cursed my night out at least a few hundred times!

From my experience, every single time, I do or plan to do something ‘out of the norm’, sleepless nights become the order of the, em, night!