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Sleepless nights May 30, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in Life with 3 princesses.
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This must be the one, single, element of motherhood that I’d change if I could. My share is obviously triple that endured by moms of one child.  And yes I know, I get triple the joys, kisses and hugs but honestly, I could do with a bit more sleep.

On Friday I went to the premier of SATC 2.  Now please don’t take this to be a non-event for me.  This was the event of the year for me.  I think I haven’t been on a girls night out since my hen’s party that took place 6 years ago today!  I had been so very looking forward to dressing up and leaving all my brood behind me since my sister booked the tickets two weeks ago.  The whole thing quite fitted with my expectations of the event.  Red carpet, cocktails, a neck message, lovely giveaways.  Then the film… I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet but for me it was a relaxing two hours enjoying my ‘heroines’ living their outrageous lives on screen.  Later a delicious cocktail in lovely bar. An uneventful drive home….and an unexpected surprise on opening the front door.

TS was still up waiting for me to get home!  She was so excited on seeing me that she didn’t go to sleep until 3.30am.  By that time I had cursed my night out at least a few hundred times!

From my experience, every single time, I do or plan to do something ‘out of the norm’, sleepless nights become the order of the, em, night!


Mascara is non-toxic May 13, 2010

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This morning, like all mornings, I woke up with a start as TC starts her loud sounds as she awakes to ensure my man or me go to her to bring her on our bed for the last few moments of rest.  TS woke with these sounds and today chose to be exceptionally loud as well.  So no last few moments and off we go to start off the day.  I am not a morning person.  My family members with whom I grew up know this very well.  Since becoming mother this trait has had to adapt itself to the needs of my off-spring though.

The morning rush is a routine until at 0830 a certain calm falls on the house again in time for TS’s breakfast.  But no such luck today.  TS must have woken up in a bad mood or something and just couldn’t settle down.  Moreover two of my 3 neighbours (we are 4 in this apartment block), the ones under us and the ones next to us had workmen in….so our background music today was tum-tum-tum-tum-tum-tum-tum.  Now I know that when people take over a new place they often try to adapt it to their needs and adjust whatever is needed.  We did that too when we bought ours 7 years ago but since then we (read here – me, as I’m the one who is all day here when the workmen are here) had to suffer through the apartments changing hands a couple of times.  And each time, the new tenants improve (I assume) on what they buy.  Now in reality I wouldn’t mind so much the tum-tum-tum if, for example, I knew what they were doing exactly.  In that way I would know how long this would take. But no such luck!

So my day started off on the wrong foot and till this point it seemed it was going to be a tougher one than usual until I got that lovely sms sound on my mobile that turned out not to be a promotion but my journalist friend asking to meet up. I rushed to get ready.  TS was still in her loud mood and to quiten her down I handed her over my mascara after she watched me use it.  In the mean time I got my things together and was ready to leave but when I return to lift TS up I find her with the wand in her mouth, her hands both very black!  Apparently she knows how to unscrew something and I hadn’t realised this.  I told myself not to panic, washed her as well as I could and hoped for the best.

On my way to me rendez-vous she took a nap… a nap that lasted 3 hours!

On waking up she looked well and rested, and calm unlike the morning so I decided I could put the mascara incident behind me.

2 lessons learnt today: TS can unscrew something.  Mascara is non-toxic.

I am jealous of my daughter! May 11, 2010

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When the light starts changing from bright daylight to dusk, TC makes sure I also notice this and from wherever she is in the house comes running to me to tell me, “Qed jidlam!” (“It’s getting dark!”).  This is also her message to me that she wants to put on her pjs and get into bed.  She has now a firmly established routine that I’m not about to change for anything.  I change her into her pjs, put her in our bed on my man’s side and after the prayers and me reading her a book or two, I let her watch some winding down tv – her favourite channel is Baby TV (that has the ability of putting anybody to sleep).  Soon after she drifts off after which we (more often than not) my man carries her to her bed.  More often than not she is in the land of dreams before it is even dark.

How I envy her this freedom to head off to bed when she feels her day is over!