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Our summer August 5, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in Life with 3 princesses.
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There is a light routine to our summer days.  I had planned it to be this way with some pockets of free days in between more organized days.  The Princess attends B Kids Summer Club Monday to Friday between 9 and 1230. The club runs for 7 weeks, 4 before a 10-day mid-August break and 3 weeks after.  Considering my children had 13 weeks summer holidays, this club gives some breathing space to me. The Cherub goes to this same club on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I choose this particular one from the numerous ones organized in the area both because it was highly recommended by other parents who sent their kids there last year and also because it is walking distance from home.  Being able to walk there is an added benefit to living in our village core.  (I have a post brewing in my head about the walk I take four times a day…one day I’ll take the camera along and let you know all about.)

The girls love it there.  Their programme is varied, the staff extremely nice and young.  Moreover they are all professionals.  I also love their choice of themes.

The Princess is doing a virtual trip round the globe and a small jump back in time.  They’ve already been to Egypt, China, Italy and England – preparing and eating typical foods, learning about the flags, the landmarks, and animals.  The Princess is also exploring the inventions since WW2.  Moreover they are doing endless crafts that she is enjoying to the full.

The Cherub loves mostly the water games, the cooking and the new action songs she is learning but she also brings home her own crafts. Mostly she wishes she too could go every day but they don’t have that offer for her age.

TC is so proud of her photo frame

The rest of the time we divide between preparing meals and eating them together, having tea parties (what is it with tea parties and little girls….simply saying ‘let’s have a tea party’ dispels even the most fearsome fight?) playing, drawing, an outing when it’s not too hot.  All in all it is not as hectic as I had thought it was going to be but it is certainly draining me of all energy to be more proactive with them.  I’m very sorry that I had to resort to paying others such that my children can do the thing they enjoy doing most – crafts but I really am not able to find a way to be creative and being attentive to The Star who wants to take hold of the scissors, walk on the table, eat the crayons, paint the floor etc….  I keep hoping this situation will improve in a year of two when The Star is a little older.

one of our tea parties

My man is getting used to working till 1630 every day.  It is not too bad but we were both used to his having half days in summer.  (Here some offices close for the day in the afternoon in summer.)  Swimming, this year, is being kept to a minimum.  We have been to the beach a few times when we had a very hot spell.  But now that the wind seems to be stuck blowing fairly strongly from the North or thereabouts it seems less of a priority.  In compensation we take the girls to the adventure parks and out with the bikes more often.  Occasionally we visit friends who own swimming pools and this is where we are trying to teach TP and TC to swim without support.

My brother-in-law is trying to dry up TS after they got wet in the fountain at St. George's Square in Valletta.

Another time consumer is my First Aid Course.  It is eating into my time with my man, my time blogging and visiting other bloggers, visiting friends and family outings.  But after The Star’s incident with the dry pasta I was not going to take any more risks.  I already feel more confident about injuries after just half way through the course.  I really don’t think I will ever be able to stomach some of the accidents we discuss but I know I will feel safe in the knowledge that I will be able to do the right thing should I have an emergency with the kids.  The first and fast rule for me is prevention, prevention and more prevention. But being human we err and there is where I felt I needed to address. Now my challenge is to pass the test and become a first aider.  I’ll let you know.

All in all we are having the kind of summer we had predicted. Only my longing to have a routine tied to this place is missing.  This is where my summers were spent both for swimming and other before/after swimming hanging around with friends. The place has changed considerably but its atmosphere and the beckoning sea remain.  I wish I could pass this on too to my children but we don’t afford a summer house here and we live too far away (practically on another island) to visit it more regularly.