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Sunflowers June 4, 2010

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The ladies look towards the sun as it journeys across the sky, all day, every day, without fail. I first became aware of the beauty of this flower in the summer of 1996 during a visit to friends in Colle Val d’Elsa in Tuscany, Italy.  The fields upon fields of sunflowers in the region couldn’t fail but remain imprinted in my mind and for a very long while, I had to have sunflowers around me … if not the real ones, at least on my desk organizer, on the curtains in my study, artificial ones in a vase.  Their name still evokes in me a feeling of warmth and also come up naturally to mind when I came to choose a nick for myself – also for this blog. 

Today, I’m particularly feeling well.  Not physically – I’m always pretty exhausted, especially at this time of the day after the princesses doze off – but mentally.  I feel positive and want to retain this positivity.  Nothing has changed really but I’m feeling more on top of things.  Maybe it’s because I’ve decided to stop feeling down at my predicament (I know it’s not terrible and others have been through it before but being a SATM is/was getting to me) and to pull up my socks.

Decisions are still to be taken but I know the general direction where these might take me.  Maybe for the first time in months I feel deep down that I’m going where I have been wanting to go.

Moreover, one last thing, the whole is bigger that the sum of the parts and when we work together as a family (or try to), every one is so much better, including me.

PS All of the above might make sense in a few days or weeks.  I’ll see to keep you posted.

 Photo taken from here: http://www.pdphoto.org/PictureDetail.php?pg=8090