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The Gallery: Motherhood June 18, 2010

Posted by sunflower71 in Life with 3 princesses.
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This week’s prompt on Tara’s Gallery on Sticky Fingers was Motherhood.

I found this prompt particularly difficult to visualise in one single photo.  Where could I start thinking….

This phrase from an old tv advert on Italian tv described being pregnant as “Quando hai capito che non saresti mai piu stata sola” that translates into “When you understood that you would never again be alone”.  I wasn’t even thinking of having kids when I noticed and liked this phrase.  But it is only now, with 5 years into this ‘motherhood’ experience that I am starting to begin to understand its meaning, realising as we go along that my life with my 3 princesses is and will be an emotional roller-coaster, a 24/7 unpaid job and an endless thinking process.  And that I am never alone.  I know that physically I will one day be, but  I also know that I will never stop thinking of them.

So here is my summary and simplification of all this in the following 4 photos.

These are my 3 princesses at Mdina, a beautiful, still-inhabited medieval town in Malta. This picture was taken by my sister. I like it because it is very much what we do...always out and about in the most beautiful spots of our islands in to keep the girls entertained while attempting to pass on to our love for our beloved, beautiful island steeped in history.

This picture is very dear to my heart. It was taken at Ta' Qali, a new, and one of a kind adventure park, on this rock. My man managed to capture my dream for my children in this photo. I hope my children will find in themselves the courage to find their own way in the world, that they will always have each other however far or near from each other they might find themselves and that they will always know that whatever happens their father and I will always be there for them.

I know what's for dinner, the breakfast and lunch dishes can wait, and the ironing basket is not yet piled up too high. So we play pretend! This time, The Princess and The Cherub are both doctors. The Star is their trustful patient. I was here attempting to preparing them for our next visit to our pediatrician. Thanks S for taking the photo - I'm not looking my best but the moment was too precious.

This is my life, taken over by my children.  That is motherhood to me.

Thank you for reading this post.