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A big thank you! May 12, 2010

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This blog started off as a basic need to express myself.  Now that I’m celebrating my 3rd month (wow!) I’m also feeling more confident to share its contents and improve its image.

The big thank you is for all of you who have stopped by, left comments or not and came back another time.

The big thank you is for my man who supports me in my new hobby.

The big thank you is for my daughters who unknowingly are the main subjects of my ramblings.

The big thank you is for Tim who is offering the e-writing course and whose link you can follow here on the sidebar.  Through this help I hope to improve how I write.

This thank you is also for my brother who has helped me start off.

And finally, this is also for my brother-in-law who has helped me make sense of how to handle widgets and thanks to him I might now personalise and make more mine the image of this blog.  Many many thanks for your time.  He is not reading this but I know his wife will refer.

And finally I thank Island Fairy through whom I gained the courage to start off and have finally found, in my chaotic life, a place to call my own.